Web design for nonprofit boards

For nonprofit organizations, attracting audience attention can be one of the most difficult tasks. Since most business activities are now closely connected to the internet, company websites must be designed to attract supporters. Essentially, websites make users aware of your purpose, it can help you sign up volunteers, and philanthropists or donors can make donations. But you have to remember, for people to want it, content alone is not enough, aesthetics are also important. In this article, we’ll talk about the best web design programs for nonprofits.

Kanopy – review

Kanopy launched in 2010, this program provides a wide range of web design services that focuses on helping specifically nonprofits create attractive websites based on multiple content management systems.  It is now one of the best programs out there, as Kanopi can support you throughout the entire website creation process, and during the development, and design and definition of a successful content strategy so that you can use the application to its fullest potential and with all the benefits.

Canopy helps nonprofits improve their relationships with donors and increase fundraising.

The main feature of the program can be considered the fact that the solution is fully customizable, the provider takes care of your user experience and online accessibility. In addition, even after your website is up and running, Kanopi offers a growth plan and an improved strategic framework. However, it’s worth noting right away here that the cost of the program’s service starts at $5,000 per month.  

Loop – Review

Loop: Design for Social Good started in 2012 and focuses more on creating strategic branding, on a number with the web design of course. The company is based in Toronto, Canada, and provides its services to non-profit organizations both locally and globally. The company now works with organizations from the industries of environmental protection, gender equality, human rights, LGBTQ+, and other charitable causes.

In addition to core services, The Loop also offers ongoing helpdesk assistance and training materials for using the program, which includes a sitemap and navigation strategy, UX/UI prototyping, and web development through the WordPress CMS.

The main feature of the program is that its priority is to understand its client and their goal at the deepest level possible, so it can help create marketing materials along with consistent branding. The provider provides optimum pricing, but to find out the exact rates it’s best to contact them directly.

DNL OmniMedia – Overview

DNL OmniMedia is a great option for a web design program that helps non-profit organizations greatly increase their chances of raising funds to further their cause.  The developers of the program fully understand how important a website is to business success, so this program is ready to work with your other digital efforts.

The developers provide you with a startup and maintenance guide, where you can also learn other important aspects of your technical strategy, such as online communication, program management, and analytics.

The main goal of DNL is to help you achieve your unique goals faster, and this will translate into your unique website design. With their expertise, developers can help you maintain and update your website as your nonprofit grows.  Since all program services and solutions are customized, you should contact the vendor directly and set up your monthly payment.